Mission Statement


At Greater Philadelphia Weight Loss and Family Medicine, our mission is to make weight loss in Philadelphia affordable, safe, and easy. Dieting is a multibillion dollar industry, and people can spend thousands of dollars on programs that simply don’t work. While fads may come and go, there are several basic tenets of losing and maintaining a healthy weight that don’t change. Don't just Diet in Philadelphia let greaterphillyweightloss.com in philadelphia help.

Our 5 Basic Tenets

1. The most effective way of losing weight is to decrease calorie intake while maintaining appetite control.  

2. The healthiest and most effective way to maintain once extra pounds have been shed is with healthy habits that stem from a solid understanding in the fundamentals of good nutrition.  

3. Regular exercise will stimulate the metabolism, help control appetite, and help keep your body healthy.  

4. Effective, time proven appetite suppressants can be a valuable tool towards your weight loss efforts when utilized properly under the supervision of a licensed physician. 

5. Intramuscular injections with vitamin B12, chromium, carnitine, inositol, choline, and other natural substances can help by assisting with the breaking down of fat, improving mental energy and focus, and stimulating overall metabolism.  

Using these 5 basic tenants, our goal is to provide our patients with an individually customized program that focuses on immediate results and long-term success at an affordable cost. We believe that our experience and expertise will give you the results you are looking for.