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Slow and steady really does win the race!!

We’re all familiar with the tale of the tortoise and the hare. There’s a big race and the hare takes a huge lead against the tortoise. The lead is so great that the hare decides to stop and take a rest. While the hare is resting, the tortoise passes the hair and wins the race. That is my entire life when it comes to losing weight. Like the hair, I would start fast, lose a lot of weight, but then I would gain all the weight back. A few months back my sister recommended this program. I was skeptical at first because of previous programs that didn’t work. That all changed when I came for my first visit. I left my appointment feeling like I just made the best decision. I realized that this program was more about developing healthy habits and not denying yourself, which leads to diet cheating. In total, I lost about 40 pounds, which is the most weight I’ve ever lost in my life. When you leave this program after your first visit, you will feel the support that is offered around the clock. So, like the tortoise, I learned that slow and steady does indeed when the race.

Kennethia from Philadelphia


Like many of us, Serea was an "emotional" eater.  When she would get upset, she would often eat to help herself cope.  One day, she decided to start "journaling" whenever she got upset.  So,  instead of "eating" her feelings, she began to get them out by writing them down.  Her weight loss efforts improved dramatically after implementing this simple, healthy change, and others in our practice have benefited from this strategy.